TRYP Coimbra Hotel

TRYP Coimbra Hotel, located in the heart of the Coimbra, challenged GOMO to develop an Android app to allow their guests to navigate through the city with an e-guide. From screen and user experience design to the development, GOMO showed it is able to adapt rapidly to a new technologic environment. The result: happier hotel guests.

TRYP Coimbra Tours

The idea was to create an e-guide app with several thematic city tours: Romance, Gastronomy, Culture and University. Each guide suggests a route with several points of interest, including a small description and their location on a tour map.

One of the main concerns was to make sure the app was very easy to use. It is presented in 3 different languages.

The app also allows access to the tablet’s camera so that the guests can easily take pictures during their visits.