Centro de Portugal

The Center of Portugal tourist board portal is the main medium of promotion of the region in the international tourism markets. The new website goals were to better organize the numerous articles and breathtaking photos, expand the content with better descriptions and details, and perform better on Google searches.

Centro de Portugal

The very old 2006 website, developed with Django, had small photos, the content was not so appealing anymore and it was difficult to navigate. The performance on Google was average, mainly due to short article descriptions.

GOMO designed and developed a full range of responsive templates for WordPress, the chosen CMS. To empower the huge photo archive of this tourism region, the new website shows big photos and slideshows in almost every page. The hotels and other local operators got a complete new page template, with a slideshow, more room to present themselves and to show their contacts, a map showing the surrounding area, along with several other important informations. The places of interest, and other articles, got also additional space for photos and description. There are big maps (Google Maps API with custom style and features) showing the cities’ amenities and lots of related content organised in tabs. All the articles were rewritten and were catalogued within a category and with several generic tags & destination-tags, making it easier to navigate through the different interests.

This website has content in 5 different languages. To address this requirement, GOMO developed its own multilingual WordPress plugin, geePoliglota, which will be released soon for public usage.

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