BSurfer Surf Shop

Two young entrepreneurs, Leonor and André, both passionate about surfing, spotted a gap in the online market and decided to venture themselves into a new business, an online surf shop. They asked us to help develop their new brand “BSurfer Surf Shop”, which included several brand materials and a new website and online store.

BSurfer Surf Shop

BSurfer was born out of the idea that older collections are still valuable and have high demand, specially from well known surf brands. Lately, Portugal has been nominated as one of the top surf destinations and has a huge movement around it. That was the main driving force to create a new surf shop brand, that should reflect coolness but credibility, for the young consumers, exciting, challenging, tribal and also with a touch of the current vintage movement.

We asked Inês Maldonado to help us create BSurfer’s new identity, together with the concept and a complete style guide, with several logo applications in wearables and accessories. GOMO also customised an existing premium WordPress template to the BSurfer look&feel, setup the entire online store (WooCommerce) and developed a countdown clock, integrated with the WooCommerce admin to promote some of the products on sale.

Sadly, in the end, the customer opted for a different logo design. We’re still very proud of the solution we came up with.

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